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Techniques in drawing Cartoon

10 Drawing Techniques

  1. Use basic ingredients for an effective cartoon drawing such as 'simplicity', 'expression' and 'exaggeration'. use simple symbols and simple drawings but can still provoke the expression of the mass and is exaggerated to avoid being boring-instead, it will bring laughter or madness to the readers.
  2. In drawing personalities, exaggerate the prominent features of the subject. Exaggerate on  parts where in an individual is known to emphasize that IT IS HIM/SHE.
  3. Take advantage of your medium. -pen, brush and ink; charcoal or dark pencil; contrast the black and white; dark areas tend to catch the focus of the eyes.
  4.                - don't use mediums which you are not used to, it will just destroy your cartoon.
  5.  Properly place your shadows- simplify your light source. If you draw a cartoon where in                                                   your light source can't be determine, it will reflect into a weak, not-so-smart cartoonist.
  6. Read and draw left to right.
  7. Use less words and more symbols. Remember- 'less words, less libelous it will be'.
  8. Don't overwork your drawing. Don;t make the ideas crowded or it will bring confusions to the readers.
  9. Keep your message clear and understandable.
  10. If possible, apply 'balance and composition'; 'depth and perspective.
  11. be funny, except in tragic situations

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